The Impact of Color on Consumer Purchase Behavior

To get consideration from shoppers at the point of purchase, brands have to stand out among the clutter of competing products.

One way of achieving this is through package and label color – an often overlooked, but important tool.

What is effective labeling? Can a label be designed in a way that draws more attention? Can it cause the shopper to be interested and make a purchase?

The psychological effect of color on consumer purchase behavior is an important consideration in marketing and plays a strong role in influencing buyer behavior.
If color is used correctly, the customer will notice your brand first and put it in their shopping cart before comparing it to competing products.

If used incorrectly, it could be sending a subconscious message to consumers’ to steer away from your product.

So what message do colors send? Amazingly, the colors on packaging or labels drive the consumers’ perception of the product. If your brand is stronger, or adds more value than your competitors, the colors on the packaging should reflect it.

For example, if your brand is environmentally friendly, then using earth colors such as green and brown are appropriate. If  the label was bright red, consumers would not equate it with the environment. Likewise, pink would not be a good color to convey ruggedness.

Messages That Colors Send

Red: Bold, daring. Can be used to project excitement and action.
Brown: Associated with earth, woods, and comfort.
Yellow: A high impact color that gets attention. Conveys happiness and cheer.
Green: Stands for freshness, healing, success and health.
Blue: Coldest color, but with the most appeal. Conveys knowledge, trust,dependability, wisdom.
Black: Sophistication, luxury. Often used on high end merchandise.
Orange: Creativity, warmth, and vibrancy.
White: Purity, Virtue

In a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, tests showed that
90% of impulse sales can be based on color alone.

Product packaging has become the salesman for the brand.

If you would like to learn more about how colors and packaging influence purchasing decisions, call Wayne Trademark at 1-800-327-1290 to speak with a label and packaging specialist

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