Tim Howarth : founding father of Madeinengland.be

I hate misconception, talk to anyone outside of the UK and they all have the same misconceptions about British people. We all get up in the morning, eat a healthy full English breakfast then sit around all day moaning about the weather while drinking cups of tea and waiting for our evening meal of fish and chips. Newsflash, this is not the case. 

  There’s just as much choice and variety in British food as in anywhere else in the world, but how would you know this if you’ve never tried it ?  

  That’s where I come in, together with my partner I own and run ‘Made In England’, my solution to the problem of misconception. We’re an internet based traditional British supermarket offering a wide range of British products with delivery all over Europe. 

  We carry virtually anything you can think of that your average brit love’s to chow down on but we’re not looking to just supply food and drink to ex-pats. Our goal is to bring the rest of Europe round to the fact that brit’s don’t just live on fish and chips washed down with tea. 

If there’s anything you need that’s not on our website just drop us a line and we can normally have any item in stock within 14 days. So check us out at www.madeinengland.be, what have you got to lose ? You may just discover that British food and drink isn’t really that bad after all.

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