Swedish beverage start-up brings focus to the market

Akuō – Drink to Think is a Swedish beverage aimed to enhance concentration and focus. Based on green tea it combines the concentration effect from coffee with health benefits from tea.

The four co-founders John Wilken, Fritz Rabeler, Lukas von Grebmer and Tsvetislav Georgiev developed Akuō with which they want to attack today’s “burnout society”. The inspiration for Akuō came from Zen monks in Japan who drink Matcha green tea before hour-long meditation sessions. This goes back to the 12th century when Zen master Eisai brought green tea from his studies in China to his homeland, Japan.

Being intrigued by this, the co-founders of Akuō worked with Dr. David Gritsch, postdoctoral researcher at Harvard Medical School. Their aim was to take the essence of Matcha green tea as the basis of a new kind of functional beverage. They made a premium, natural, healthy beverage which increases concentration and focus levels.

This translated into a product without artificial ingredients, no preservatives, almost no sugar, a glass bottle and a 100% cotton label as packaging. ‘We want to provide this Zen-like focus from naturally enhanced tea. We want people to be able to sit behind a desk, doing their work efficiently and concentrated while consuming something that is good for their bodies’, John Wilken says, ‘In Sweden for example, people tend to drink a lot of coffee, but only few people truly enjoy their fifth or sixth cup a day. We are providing an alternative that gets you focused while having diverse short- and long-term health benefits.’

Von Grebmer has won the Beverage Personality award of the year 2015 in a race with the likes of Coca-Cola and Sam Adams Brewery for his involvement in Akuō in February. While having focused on Sweden initially, the founders are looking into further markets to penetrate with their unique drink.

Contact: John Wilken; John@akuo.se

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