Imminent Launch of the Healthy Mediterranean Snack!!

Calabria, right at the toes of Italy where is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, The Tirrenean sea and the Ionian sea.  In the inland you find Lakes in the middle of the National Park (La Sila) where you will find beautiful Porcini Mushrooms, Rositi Mushrooms and more, but also Outstanding wines and tipical local food.  In addition The National Park of Pollino where you can enjoy the beautiful green of the land with pure spring waterfalls which you can drink.  It is the part of Italy which until today remains unspoiled and the people of Calabria are friendly and welcoming sharing their last bit of food and wine with anybody.

A land kissed by the sun bringing happyness, loyalty and friendship, living of agricolture and fish. The main dish is the Bruschetta Calabrese which can be used as a snack or with the same ingredients they can produce Elaborated HighGourmet dishes especially with the ‘Nduja which can be used for the Bruschetta, for pasta dishes, meat dishes and appetizers.

Products like Olive oil is also of very  high quality with low acidity level, also the artisanal bread and these are two of the main ingredients which are used for the Bruschetta.  One important factor: (The Bread and the Olive oil used for the Bruschetta if not from the same region will alter the taste and consistency of the Bruschetta), a taste has been done by ourselves using the olive oil from other regions and Countries of origin to substantiate the reality.

For further information on the Launch of the product and information on the product itself please do not hesitate to contact Francesco Pedace at :

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